Do you use specific brands for a reason...So does your painterDo you pay attention to brands when you shop? There are some items that we buy only certain brands of: off brands at the grocery store and name brand only on other items. Depending upon the food, we like off brands because there isn’t much difference other than price. Certain brands are known for their quality being much superior on other things. For example, when choosing a phone, Steve wanted to try the iPhone and see if it compared to the Android phone he had and to see if all the hype surrounding it was true. Needless to say to most iPhone users, it was easy to see why there was all this hype around it: it is a much smoother, easier interface for us!


You know there are also many brands of paint and painting companies. Let’s talk about brands of paint. They are not all the same. When hiring a painting contractor in Sarasota, Florida, ask those who give you estimates what brand they use and why. They should not only be able to tell you, but should be proud to tell you why they use such and such a brand of paint. Some painters use the less expensive paint and they are proud to pass the savings on to you, which is great; just remember, it won’t last and you’ll need to paint 2 or 3 times more often than with the more expensive paint. We use Benjamin Moore Paint and are proud to do so; we can offer the 9 year material and labor warranty with this brand because it truly holds up the best. It has to do with the amount of titanium dioxide and amount of solids in the paint. Ask Steve for more details on this, as it is a very cool chemistry lesson!

Choosing the best exterior paint brand in Sarasota, Florida

Perhaps you are one of our many friends we fondly call “snow birds.” If so, you may be used to a certain paint from up north that worked very well for you. Steve is from Michigan and started Burnett 1-800-PAINTING there, so he knows all about this. What worked well up north, is not going to hold up well on the exterior of your home here where the sun is brutal on paint. It is a whole new ball game! The sun, the wind the rain, all are part of what makes painting in sunny Florida different from anywhere else. This also translates into different preparation when painting a home. A seal coat is another example of what doesn’t need to be done up north, but has to be done before painting down here in Southwest Florida. The seal coat bonds the stucco and the new layer of paint together. Without this, your home will peal, bubble, and basically lose sheets of paint at a time.


We proudly use Benjamin Moore Paints!Also, check for a warranty when hiring an exterior painter. Warranties can tell you what kind of brand is being used and just how sufficient it is. We offer a 9-year warranty with Benjamin Moore Regal Select Paint. We also offer a 7 year warranty using Benjamin Moore Ultra-spec. The 7 year warranty doesn’t last as long and is a bit less in cost. These warranties mean that you will be able to trust the quality of the paint for a full 9 or 7 years before having to paint your home again.


The brands that don’t have good formulas for the sun or painters that don’t use a quality brand won’t be able to offer you the same kind of warranty. This means you may only get a two to five year warranty – if you get that. You can decide which is the most cost effective for your home.


There is no one better to ask about brand quality than your Sarasota painter you can trust. When getting estimates, ask each company what paint they use and why. This is one area you don’t want to skimp on and have major problems later down the road.