You want your home looking its best all the time. When you take care of your home on a regular basis, it will make it easier for exterior paint to stay looking great longer. If you fail to maintain your home in many different aspects, it could actually cost you more in painting. By getting an estimate from a Port Charlotte painter, you can find out just how much you’ve been falling behind or been keeping up with the maintenance of your home. Follow these 3 tips to keep cost down when painting your home.

Repair stucco cracks to save money on painting home1)     Look for stucco cracks and repair as needed with caulk.

One of the first things that a painter will look for is the extent of stucco damage on the side of your home. As your home settles, the stucco can crack over time. If you’ve done your due diligence and caulked the cracks as they’ve occurred, you have nothing to worry about. However, if things have gotten out of hand, a painter may need to do a lot of stucco work prior to painting, which means the cost of painting in Port Charlotte, Florida could become more expensive due to more hours of prep work.




2)     Routinely have your home pressure washed.

It’s not just stucco that can affect the price of painting. It’s also the appearance of the home. If there is a lot of dirt in the stucco or there is peeling paint throughout the side of the home, then it’s going to need more than just pressure washing. Most painters will pressure wash and prime the home and that’s worked into the cost.Routinely powerwashing home can reduce cost to paint home later

However, if a Port Charlotte painter has to scrub at the walls of the house and do a lot more than just use a pressure washer, it is likely to have a negative impact on the price. This means it is in your best interest to keep your home clean on the outside. A periodic pressure washing will help to loosen up dirt and it will also help to keep the home looking great.


3)     Keep landscape away from stucco.

Most painters in Port Charlotte, Florida will come to your house before providing an actual quote for painting. They will be looking at the features of the home, including the number of levels, placement of windows, decks and other features as well as the landscaping. Unruly landscaping can cost extra in the painting department as those bushes, vines, and other plants need to be worked around or even trimmed beforehand.

A Port Charlotte painter that has to climb in and around shrubs, be conscious of trees with low lying branches, and paint despite high grass edging alongside the home is going to need more time and will, therefore, cost more.

If you want to save money on a Florida painter, look at your home and keep these 3 tips in mind. Some general upkeep and attention to landscaping can help to save money when it comes time to paint your home. Pull back shrubs when painting home in Port Charlotte, Florida