When and Why to Choose Oil Based Paint Over Latex Based Paint

Although there are many different types of paint formats available nowadays, there are two basic types of paint that can be used in painting the interior of your home. Latex based paints are good for using on the interior walls and oil based paints are ideal for painting trims, doors, windows, and other wooden areas that receive high 
Oil Based Painttraffic because it is more durable than latex.

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Latex vs. Oil Paint: which one to use?

There is basic conflict between latex based paint over oil based paint. Oil based paints are considered a little more difficult to use than water based latex paint. There is a simple reason for that; oil paints are little thicker than latex paints and as a result you need to use different kinds of brushes and rollers. However, there is more than one reason why oil paint is good:

Reasons to Use Oil Paints on Home Renovation Projects:

Oil paint looks really smooth when applied on even surfaces; however, it takes a longer time to dry than latex paint, up to two or three days depending on the number of coats and the type of project.

Oil based paints have a very hard surface that resists all kinds of scratches. This is ideal for painting wooden surfaces and other areas that receive a high amount of traffic, i.e. doors and trim.

Oil paint contains enamels that provide a smoother finish than latex based paints.

It is also easier to wash oil enamels since the surface is harder than any other paint formats and oil paint is much more resistant to washing detergents than latex is.

Perhaps the most important reason that oil based paints are good to use in home renovation projects is that it is thicker than latex based paint and as a result they can easily hide wall imperfections.

Projects Where Oil Based Paints are Required:

Oil based paints are the best choice for several home interior projects including indoor trim, window trim, crown molding, chair rails, and door trim. Unlike latex paints, oil paints can withstand more wear and tear.

Interior doors are also painted with oil paints. It is easier to clean dirty spots or scratches from this type of paint. To get the best result, the primer should be allowed to dry thoroughly before using any oil based paints. Proper preparation is very important when using oil paints.

Oil paints can be the best choice when undertaking a home interior project because it is often the most durable paint and can last a long time when properly applied.