One of the forgotten questions for any homeowner to ask is the type of paint sheen they should use in their rooms. A professional Florida painter will certainly ask you before he leaves your home. The three most common sheen levels are that of flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss. A Venice painter can help you choose the right one based upon the specific project as well as what type of wall it is going on. Hiring a painter in Venice, Florida that has a track record of providing visually stunning rooms, doors, and exterior can help dramatically.


Unlike exterior painting, Venice Florida interiors have more options when it comes to paint sheen. It is not suggested to paint the exterior of your home in a flat sheen as dirt is very difficult to get off the walls; however, there are some rooms in your home that would look nice with a flat sheen. Still, the dirt factor remains. If there are no children or pets, you’re safe to go with a flat sheen. If you have children of any age, we highly recommend not going with flat paint or waiting until they are all grown up to replace the semi-gloss with flat. Kids LOVE to put their hands on the walls and hand prints are much easier to get off of semi-gloss. Flat paint will simply leave a nice souvenir of hand prints on the walls for the life of the paint. Most parents want these kept in scrap books, not on the walls!

Venice Florida painter suggests semi-gloss on interior walls if you have children

Venice, Florida painter suggests semi-gloss on interior walls if you have children!


Even in exterior painting, Venice, Florida painters can use more than one sheen. After all, a front door made of wood looks much better with a high gloss or semi gloss paint than a flat sheen. A nice white front door can be flat or glossy. Again, the children factor is a huge determiner of sheen on doors as well in interior of homes. We love our semi-gloss interior and front doors that makes wiping away hand prints a breeze! Indeed, when hiring a Venice painter, it pays to ensure that they are familiar with interior painting, not just exterior painting. Venice, Florida homes can look completely different with a different type of sheen so it’s important to choose the right one.


Flat and eggshell paints are commonly used on walls throughout the homes in Venice, Sarasota, Nokomis and all around the world. Flat paint is rather dull; however, the benefit is that it will hide a number of imperfections in the drywall and goes onto textured walls very easily.


Eggshell sheen is in between flat and semi-gloss. It has a low luster, which is why a Florida painter will commonly suggest these for the kitchens and bathrooms. It isn’t as porous as the flat paint which means that it won’t get soiled as easily. If sauce or soap or anything else splashes onto the wall, it can be wiped down with a sponge, though semi-gloss is the easiest to wipe clean. When hiring a painter, Venice, Florida homes should make sure that they are choosing the right type of paint for the particular rooms.


Semi-gloss paints are even less porous than eggshell. As mentioned hand prints are wiped away the easiest on this type of sheen. However, they do show all of the texture of a wall and carpenter flaws are harder to hide with this sheen. The semi-gloss paints are great for trim and window sills as well. We highly recommend the look of Burnett White in a semi-gloss on trim in Venice, Florida homes. It gives the home a very expensive, attractive look simply by changing the sheen from flat to semi-gloss on the trim, doors, and window sills contrasted by eggshell on the walls.


Hiring a professional to paint your home will ensure you are asked (even if you forget to do the asking) which paint sheen options you prefer. Venice, Florida homeowners could end up with flat paint on the walls even if they have 5 children, a puppy, and a kitty because they chose not to hire a professional painter. Professional Venice painters will know when it’s appropriate to use flat, eggshell and semi-gloss paints, which will ultimately improve the look and feel of each room of your home.