baby decides which painter to chooseThe time has come to paint the exterior of your home and you need to hire a painter. This is not a decision that should be taken lightly because it could end up costing you a lot of money if you don’t hire the right painter on the first time around. There are several things that you should look for from your painter and that will help you make the best decision possible – and save money, too.


Every painter that comes to your home should be licensed and insured. You can ask them when you call around, look on their website, or do a little research. The licensing will tell you that they’re qualified. The insurance will ensure that if anything happens to your property while they’re there that you’re not liable.licensed_insured_painting_contractor


Make a phone call to the Better Business Bureau in Venice to see if there have been any complaints about any of the Florida painters you’re considering. You may be surprised to learn a few things that are important which will ultimately affect your decision. After all, when you spend the money for the exterior of your home to be painted, you should demand the highest quality.

When considering quality, this means everything. You should always ask to see a portfolio of the painter’s work. Take a close look at the quality. Anyone can paint stucco, but that doesn’t mean that they will do the best possible job. You want to see the paint color from every angle, not just at surface level. This means using several techniques to get all of the stucco covered with the paint.


Ask for testimonials or references. Every good Venice painter will be more than happy to share a list of happy clients with you. This could include phone numbers for you to call, addresses to visit, or letters written to the company. All of this should be considered to help you decide which painter is the best one to go with.


Call and talk to three or four painters. A Florida painter should have no problem coming to your home and giving you a free consultation. Talk to each of them and see what their warranties are, their techniques, their opinions on color, and, of course, the price.


Not every painter in the area charges the same amount of money. If the price looks too good, it’s probably not a good thing. You need to take into consideration what you’re getting for the money. If you go for price instead of quality, you’ll most likely be getting a new paint job within three to five years, which means you’re ultimately spending more than you need to. We’ve all been there: tried to save money going with the greatest price, but end up paying more in the long run because you have to purchase more often.


The only way to be sure about the painter that is coming to your Venice, Florida home to take care of the exterior, is to ask questions and do your research. After all, this is your home and we all want it to look its best. When you take the time to interview several painters, you’ll be happier raving fans of venice florida painterwith the outcome and have some money in your pocket leftover. When the job is finished, you should be thrilled and excited and be a raving fan of the company that painted your home!