The exterior of your Florida home goes through a lot. Over one hundred degrees of the hot sun beats down on it every single day in the summer time. Hard rains, hurricane winds, and much more can also affect the paint on your home. A Venice painter can only do so much for the conditions, so it’s ultimately going to need a new coat of paint every 5 to 10 years.


Most paints and painters will only guarantee their work for about five years, if they offer any kind of guarantee or warranty at all. When that’s the case, you need to try and keep the exterior clean throughout the year so that you can try and stretch it for as many years as possible.


If you find a very good painter, make sure you ask for their warranty. The best painters can offer longer warranties because the paint company knows they apply the paint correctly to avoid failure, bubbling, and rapid deterioration.


If you don’t get the outside of your home painted when it’s time, the color that you once loved will begin to fade off the wall like Salvador Dali’s “Clocks”.paint fades like dali

Having the right paint and painter will ensure you get the full value of painting your home and the aesthetic improvement you get will virtually take care of itself.


When you’re considering selling your home now, in a year or several years down the road, potential homebuyers will be looking at your home. The very first thing they’ll see is the exterior paint. This can make or break your sale because no one wants to consider living in a home that looks dreary and faded.


Hiring a Florida painter for your Venice home is the best money that you can spend because they can liven up the look of your home within days. You can choose the same color you’ve always had or even go for something completely different – it’s up to you.


What is important is that you take care of your home like you should. Everything in life has a finite lifespan. The carpet in your home is only designed to last about seven to ten years and even less if you don’t take care of it. The same is true with the exterior of your home. If you’re not familiar with what the Florida sun can do to your home, just give it a few years and you’ll see how faded your house becomes.


Paint can only work so much magic. Ultimately, even the highest quality paints start to fade under the constant heat. Just leave out a piece of construction paper for a day. When you come back to it, you’ll notice it’s no longer the same vibrant color.

Depending on the type of paint used and the application, repainting may need to be done every 2-5 years. However, with the right paint, the right application, and the right paint company, a 9 year warranty is sure to come your way!