pressure wash dirty stucco

Pressure Wash Dirty Stucco

As you know, the exterior of your home needs to be maintained so that it continues looking great long after you’ve actually had it painted. You can hire the best Venice, Florida painter in town to apply the paint, but if you don’t clean it frequently and take care of the exterior, the Florida elements will slowly beat down on your house until you need a new paint job much, much sooner.


There are many different things you can do and it starts with hiring a qualified painter in Florida. There are many painters in business and they don’t all use the same quality paint or even the same application techniques. If you shop it around, you can find a painter that will actually give you a material and labor warranty so that you have a guarantee that the paint won’t fade under the rays of the sun.


Florida experiences rain, storms, hurricanes and much more over the course of the year. All of these things stir up dirt and dust around your yard and that of your neighbor’s yard. pressure wash dirty stuccoBefore you know it, this dirt has settled into the nooks and crannies of the stucco on the side of your home. This will start to accumulate over and over again and your home will start to look dingy. This has nothing to do with the paint and everything to do with cleaning.

Just like you wash your car as it’s exposed to the elements, you need to do the same thing for your house. You can’t top it with a tarp or store it in a garage, so it needs even more attention after bad weather.


The easy answer is pressure washing. You can buy your own or have an insured company  come out and pressure wash the exterior of your home. Many think that the pressure washing will damage the stucco. This is absolutely not true. In fact, it’s the only thing that will loosen up all of the dirt that’s built up inside the grooves of the stucco to force it out. However, if there is damage to the stucco or it has lost its integrity, the pressure washer will reveal it!need stucco repair


Once you’ve pressure washed your home, you may be surprised at how good it looks all of a sudden. If it’s only been a few years since your last paint job, you just need to clean it – not have your home completely repainted.


Keep in mind that the Venice, Florida heat is not gentle on any paint, which means that the average exterior paint application is only designed to last about five years. Better quality paint equals longer lasting repaints. Likewise, better quality application means longer lasting applications! When you can find a painter willing to guarantee you longer than 5 years, it means s/he is using the best paint and the best application. That still doesn’t take the place of keeping it clean against all of the elements that can be thrown at your house.


When you hire a Venice, Florida painter, the first thing you should ask is how long the paint will last. Then ask how to care for it and you’ll always have a great looking home.

Then ask how to care for it and you’ll always have a great looking home.