There is a common misconception that stucco homes cannot be pressure washed. This is not true. In fact, it’s crucial that the surfaces be pressure washed to keep the exterior painting looking fresh for years to come. In Venice, Florida, your home sees a lot of sun, pressure wash stucco a lot of rain and a lot of dirt. While it’s a nice idea to think that the rain will take care of the dirt, it doesn’t work that way.


Burnett Painting can come to your home and do a beautiful job on the exterior of your home. Once the exterior painting is complete, however, it is up to you to maintain that beauty. When you pressure wash the surface, you don’t need to be gentle. It won’t crumble and it won’t fall apart. It’s very tough, so a pressure washer will be able to get into all of the nooks and crannies.


One of the reasons that people choose stucco is because they like the texture. That texture is infamous for trapping in dirt. After a while, there is so much dirt on the side of the home that the house actually begins to take on that color – instead of the magnificent color that it had been painted. When you take a pressure washer to the house, you loosen up all of that dirt and you can bring back the true exterior paint color that Burnett Painting was able to apply for you. You should aim to have your Venice, Florida home pressure washed at least quarterly. This will keep your house looking vibrant all year round, regardless of how much dirt is around your house or how much rain your house gets each year.


If you don’t pressure wash the surfaces from time to time, the dirt will become a permanent fixture in the stucco. Dirt attracts dirt and the home will begin to look dingy. Before long, pressure washing will work, but not as effectively as if you had done it on a regular basis. What then happens is that you will need a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your home because you didn’t perform proper maintenance.


Burnett Painting can come out and take care of exterior painting once again for you. The problem is that if you don’t maintain the outside of your stucco home with pressure washing from time to time, it will become a vicious cycle. While it’s true that the sunshine may fade the color a little over the years, you can go quite some time without painting if you pressure wash it.

Hire a company or buy a pressure washer, but if you want your home to look fabulous all the time, it will need to be cleaned.