Its time! The kitchen is screaming 1980’s at you and it must be updated!repaint cabinets by Burnett Painting








Do you:

  1. Have new ones installed new $10,000?
  2. Hire a Venice painting contractor to professionally repaint them for $3,000?
  3. Just paint them yourself for $200 in paint and lots of elbow grease?

If you are a weekend warrior and choose option 3, then here are 7 simple steps to painting your cabinets properly so that they look super fantastic!

  1. Pick your color! When choosing your color you want to first consider your counter top. Also, take into consideration the walls and the floor to be sure they all coordinate.
  2. Remove the hardware. Take your door handles off and maybe consider replacing them. Leave the hinges on and attached so you have a place to paint your doors.
  3. Prep and clean the doors. Remove all grime, grease, and any remains of scotch tape. Denatured Alcohol works great!
  4. Apply primer. Our favorite bonding primer is STIX Primer. It has fantastic bonding properties! To apply your primer, use a Whizz roller and a 2 or 2.5 inch sash brush. After your primer is applied you need to caulk all of your door frames.
  5. Apply 1st coat of paint. A quick light sand and now you are ready to apply your first coat of Benjamin Moore’s Advanced Paint. This is a fantastic hybrid. Again using the Whizz roller and sash brush.
  6. Apply 2nd coat of paint. After your 1st coat has dried you shouldn’t need to sand it again, but feel it over to be sure you are satisfied. Now repeat step 5!
  7. Re-attach hardware. After your doors are dry, you are now ready to apply your door handles back on and VIOLA! After only 60 hours of labor, you just saved yourself a few thousand dollars!

Burnett Painting cabinets final product