paint-testingSince they allow you to get a job done with fewer coats of paint, it is worth the extra cost to go with the best quality paints. High quality paints are less likely to show brush marks and other flaws, provide a better finished look, and go on more smoothly. They also hold up to scrubbing and bright sun, resist scratches and dings, and are overall more durable.

In this article, we will look at the three top brands in turn: Behr®, Sherwin Williams®, and Benjamin Moore®. Then, we will make our final recommendation on which is best. One thing to note is that you should not choose a paint based on the specific colors available. Any paint shop will be able to produce the precise color you want no matter the brand. Instead, focus on the durability, quality, and finishes of the paint.

Behr®: You Get What You Pay for

Behr® is classically on the low end of the price spectrum for paints. The professionals disagree on its quality. There are some who have used Behr® for years and have no complaints. Meanwhile, there are others who have reported having to apply many coats in order to get a proper finish. To Behr®’s credit, they offer low volatile organic compound (VOC) colorants. VOCs are linked to respiratory problems and air pollution.

Sherwin Williams®: A Good Premium Paint

Sherwin Williams® also offers low VOC paints. However, they are pricier than Behr’s offerings. But, with a lot of Sherwin Williams® paints, they make a promise that only one coat is needed. This can end up saving a lot of time and money in the long run and can make up for the price difference. Sherwin Williams® has a variety of different finishes to choose from. If you want a specific finish for your home, they have it.

Benjamin Moore®: What Experts Use

Compared to other house paints, Benjamin Moore gets more recommendations from professionals, do it yourselfers, and experts. Their paint is the only truly NO VOC paint because unlike other brands, there are no VOCs in either the paint or the tint. Most other “Low VOC” paints still have some VOCs in the tint.

Many say the self-priming properties of Benjamin Moore® paints make it worth the extra price. Though you may need two coats when painting over darker colors, Benjamin Moore®’s best paints only require one coat.

There have been independent studies to see which paints are the best. Benjamin Moore® has been shown to be exceptionally durable when scrubbed and highly resistant to mildew. These tests also show that their paints do a good job of hiding color, are not prone to staining or fading, and dry quickly without leaving a tacky, sticky residue.

After having used all of the brands above, the brand we prefer for our jobs is Benjamin Moore®. We trust Benjamin Moore® because the paint holds up better and the colors last longer. We are so confident in their paint that we provide a 9 Year Material and Labor Warranty on most of our paint jobs. So, if you are going to paint your home, go with the best and avoid extra work now and down the road.