repainting walls

Maintaining home décor is a task that has no end and painting your walls is one of the most popular ways to revamp your space. While you might feel like you can put off painting your walls and wait until they start to seem dirty before applying a fresh coat, walls have their own needs too. This leaves people wondering, how often do you need to repaint your interior walls? Typically, you might have to repaint your walls at any point in between 5 to 15 years. Here are some things to consider when deciding if you should repaint your walls.

Quality of the Paint

If you invest in good quality paint, then your paint job should last for about a decade. But, if you chose to compromise the quality of the paint used, then repainting your walls is something you’ll have to revisit much sooner. The quality of the paint also depends on the type of finish you chose. A high-gloss finish can ensure your walls can be cleaned more often whereas a flat or matte finish are a little higher maintenance as you cannot scrub when the walls become dirty.

Quality of the Paint Job

A good quality paint job does not only mean how you slather paint up on a wall. A good paint job requires consideration, precision, and efficient use of paint. The popular saying the more the merrier, does not apply to the process of painting your walls. Putting on too much paint or dipping the brush in too deep can leave drip marks on the wall. To ensure your paint lasts for a good decade you should invest in a professionals painting company. Make sure that that they prep the wall, clean, scrub, and sand it before applying any paint. This way you will get a nice finish that will last on your walls for a longer period of time.

Condition of the Wall

For exterior walls, it is really important for you to use a high sheen so it can resist weather changes. Wall hanging plants can also interfere with the paint life and make it more susceptible to cracks. For both interior and exterior paint jobs, proper plumbing makes a big difference. Water leaks can cause serious damage to the wall by cracking it and making it wet. So if you have an unfixed plumbing issue, fix it pre-paint or be prepared to repaint your wall very often.

Keeping up with Trends 

The thing about trends is that they keep changing, one-day people like murals and the next day the same people are leaning towards pastels. Keeping up with trends means getting ready to repaint very often. Frankly, this takes up a lot of time and money. But, this does not mean you shouldn’t mix it up a little and follow the trends at times. While, it’s safe to stay true to neutral colors if repainting that wall is something you don’t enjoy doing often, if you really feel the mural trend is absolutely what you want, get ready to repaint when your tastes change!

Growing out of a Color

This could happen to anyone but outgrowing a color is arguably the most common thing among children. If you’re a parent, you will see your child grow out of colors as fast as anything. Their room probably changed from pink to blue to green to purple. Growing out of a color however, isn’t only a child thing, adults change the color of their spaces a lot of times throughout their lives as well. If you feel like the color on the wall doesn’t connect with you any more and you’ve outgrown it—to the point that it shuts down your mood or if you simply don’t like it anymore—maybe it’s time to consider repainting.

Repainting can be costly, but often it’s totally worth it as it revamps your space. Repainting can give your space the much needed freshness you are missing.

So, are you ready to repaint your space and break out of the monotony?