You stare at the walls of your home every single day, whether you realize it or not. repaint bland rooms to create a moodIf you’re staring at the same white or “builder beige”, you’re going to grow old of those colors very soon (if you haven’t already). The color you choose to paint the walls of your Venice, Florida home can have a significant impact on your mood.


Yellows and oranges are often used in bedrooms and kitchen nooks to breathe in the color of sunshine. This bright color will awaken your senses each day and help you start your morning off right. When you stare into these lively colors, you may even decide that you don’t want caffeine because you already feel so energetic and ready to start the day. Actually, now that I think about it,  I find that these colors help to enhance my morning cup of joe!


blue rooms create  peaceRich colors such as burgundy, navy and even emerald green can be very peaceful. This is a great color to incorporate into your dining room and even your office. This way you can feel relaxed when you sit down for dinner or to do a little work at your computer.


If you’re not sure what color you want for your Florida home, you can hire a Venice painter to come in and consult with you. They will share all of the different colors that work within your home based on the lighting you have available as well as your home furnishings. These should all be considered when you’re picking out colors so you get the maximum improvement on your mood.


You can choose to paint all of the walls in the room or just a single wall to add a hint of color that isn’t too dramatic. You might even decide to add a different color to every room in the house so that you can modify your mood no matter what room you choose to hang out in. If you like, you can view our price blog for an idea of the cost to paint an interior room.


color enhances dining roomYour Florida home should never look drab. When you want to love your home all over again, you don’t need to move. You just need to spice it up with some new colors. You may be surprised with the outcome and how it truly can affect your mood. Depression suddenly turns to excitement, anger turns to joy, and you can be in a much more positive mood throughout the day simply because you took the initiative to change the colors in your home!


All you need to do is tell your Venice painter what kind of mood you want to be in throughout the rooms of your home and they will take care of the rest, transforming your Florida home from drab builder beige to soothing and energetic!


Please share your favorite room and color in the comments below!