Now what color???



what color to paint exterior of homeIf you live in Venice of Southwest Florida, you may have noticed your neighbors beautiful freshly painted home and thought to yourself, “WOW, that really stands out!”

I know I do this quite often as I drive through many neighborhoods and the feeling I get when I am looking at beautiful homes, while overanalyzing what would be the best color for my house being we are Burnett Painting and must set the standard right?

For example; last spring while working with a local decorator (that our customer had previously contracted before contacting Burnett Painting) decided that colorist did such a wonderful job pick and coordinating all 9 colors that she took all the credit for the selection.

So if you are not exactly sure of the exact colors to bring that perfect feeling you are looking for Call  1 800 PAINTING  now to schedule a one hour color consultation service for just $100!

If we do the painting service for you then the color consulation is free!

1 + 800 PAINTING = 9 YEARS!

Steve 🙂