Maintaining Your Home’s Stucco Saves Maintenancepainting stucco

Most people enjoy saving a buck; who wouldn’t? At Burnett Painting, we are all for saving money, too, but not if it means greater expense tomorrow for what we save today.

Can you really risk of costly damage from water intrusion? Putting off that exterior paint job another season won’t hurt right? WRONG! It will and it does, and the damage is done before you even know it has started. wasting money on bad paint job

The exterior painting of your home is more than just a pretty paint job; it is protection for your home. At Burnett Painting, it’s a thorough and professionally completed job with the most technologically advanced home exterior stucco paint available to the residential painter today, backed by a 9 year material and labor warranty, put in writing and signed!

Water can seep into cracks and crevasses that are not visible to the homeowner. At Burnett Painting here in Venice, FL, we know what to look for and where to find it. Protecting a home from damaging water intrusion can be a time consuming task when it is not undertaken by a professional. Our years of experience have taught us just what to do to help protect your home .

Southwest Florida is populated with stucco homes in almost every neighborhood and Venice, FL is no exception. The weather in this area can be particularly damaging to a home’s exterior. Wind, rain, and sun all do their part to break down and intrude on our homes and their structures.

Wind damage is often the easiest to see and repair. A hurricane can do serious damage in a very short period of time. We see it, we fix it, and we survive to do it all over again.

Sun damage may be a little harder for the average homeowner to see right off, but faded and thread bare awnings are an obvious sign of sun damage. Cracked or peeling paint on door trim can also be a sign of sun damage. As the sun heats the painted surface, the area swells with warmth and retained moisture; it cools and contracts again in the shade.

This expansion and contraction process weakens the paint, and a chip or crack may occur. This is the first inroad for the silent and costly damage caused by rain.

If only 1 cup of water was to penetrate your home’s exterior, and left there to infiltrate the stucco backing, penetrate the sheathing, and possibly permeate the structural studs, it could take only a matter of months for permanent and costly damage to occur. Imagine this happening with every summer storm.

Imagine how much water could get into just one crack over a year. Moisture lifts the stucco backing away from the sheathing.paint your stucco home The sheathing then swells from the rain water and pushes the stucco outward, the stucco cracks, allowing more water to get in with the next storm. This cycle repeats itself until the actual structure of the house becomes wet and the irreversible path to structural damage has begun.


Defending homes in Venice and the surrounding areas has been our business at Burnett Painting since 1996, and we love what we do. We love it because we know what we are doing today will save homes from costly water damage and their owner’s money tomorrow. And let’s admit, a professional paint job does look “pretty.” 🙂