On an average, most homeowners want to keep a clean and tidy home. However, there are several instances where we find homes that get stained. In order to get a completely clean home, you need to remove all stains from the sides of your home, if there are any. Brown stain marks near the water supply of your house are really difficult to remove. It’s Gutter_On_Roof_792_DJFsnot something that you can remove with the regular scrubbing and rinsing method. There are many different ways to tackle hard water stains from the side of your house, below are a few ideas.

What Cleaners Should You Use?

You can decide to clean the brownish color by using all natural products, cleaners, or you can use heavy duty cleaners, or a combination of both. There are many product choices out there that work amazingly well. However, you should be careful when using the cleaners since some of them may release dangerous chemical fumes. In fact, some types of cleaners and bleaches, when mixed together, can create a harmful gas. No matter which cleaner you use, all of these methods will require scrubbing with a sponge or bristle. It is true that none of the cleaners will magically wash the brownish marks away.

Removing Hard Water Minerals:

Hard water minerals near the water system of your house can very easily create a brownish mark on the side of your house. Hard water build up is actually alkaline so you will need a good quality cleaner that is acid based to remove it. If you don’t like messing with toxic commercial cleaners that are environmentally harmful, you can use plain white vinegar. You just need to pour white vinegar directly into a bowl and scrub where the brownish colors are.