Homeowners often feel a great sense of pride when they complete an interior repainting project. However, at times, the pride can lead to a gigantic embarrassment, as well as frustration, when the paint starts to peel on the interior of interior peeling painttheir home.

There are many different reasons why the paint begins to peel. Knowing these reasons can help you avoid this problem. Following are the most common reasons paint will begin to peel or crack and how to get rid of paint peeling problems.

Unprofessional or No Surface Preparation:

The most important reason why paint starts peeling is because it is not sticking properly to the surface that is underneath. If the interior surface is not properly prepared, dirt, mildew, and other impurities aren’t wiped off, then the paint will not dry properly. To get rid of this problem, you need to be sure the surface is clean, dull, and dry before starting any interior painting job. Apart from the surface preparation, you should also use the best quality primer to prepare the wall for a fresh coat of paint.

Moist or Damp Surface:

Paint can also start to peel due to moist or damp surfaces. Typically, water in the air or on surfaces is the biggest enemy of painting. If the surface is moist or damp, the paint you apply won’t dry properly because the paint has not stuck completely to the surface. Moisture in the air actually weakens the adhesive properties of the paint as well as the primer. In fact, oil based paint doesn’t even stick on a moist surface.

Choosing Wrong Type of Paint:

Your interior repainting project could also be compromised if you choose a different type of paint from what has already been applied on the walls. No matter whether you are using oil-based or latex paint on the walls, paints of different types don’t usually mix well. If the paint doesn’t mix well it will start to peel in no time. However, if you want to apply different type of paint on top of another one in your Venice, FL house, you should ask the professional painters to apply the best quality primer that will help the paint adhere.