Many big paint manufacturers are predicting gray to be the most popular paint color for home interiors. In fact, this is the first time when a particular color has headlined the forecast of big paint manufacturers in back-to-back years. According to the industry experts, gray is the perfect neutral color and has a brilliant ability to increase the curbgray paint colors appeal of a home’s interior.  Read on to know why gray is the perfect hue for home interiors.

Soothing and Sophisticated:

The most important reason why people are choosing gray is that it is very easy on the eyes. It is very soothing and sophisticated, as well. In most cases, when gray shades are applied on the interior walls, they change appearance when the light changes. As a result gray provides people with massive visual interest.

Versatile Paint Color:

Gray is also a versatile paint color that compliments a wide range of natural hues. As a result, you can use gray with any color scheme and with almost any type of home décor. When applied on walls, gray provides a natural effect that is uncommon with most popular paint colors – like red, green, and blue. You can even pair gray with one or more neutral paint colors; white, off-white, beige, sky blue, or black. When blended with a neutral paint color, gray produces a tranquil color scheme that has the ability to make the interior of your home more relaxing. This is the reason people often choose gray for areas where they seek comfort and relaxation, such as the bedroom and family rooms.

Ideal to Use with Adventurous Hues:

Gray serves as an ideal foil for a wide range of adventurous colors like saturated purple, rust, and navy blue. You can even pair gray with softer hues like pink and lavender. Professional painting contractors in Venice, FL often employ these types of color combinations in virtually any room and with any home décor.

Good for Companion Colors:

According to the color experts, grays that contain traces of warm hues like red, yellow, or brown seem luxurious and can be paired with warm companion colors. Alternatively, grays that contain traces of blue or green are more compatible with cooler colors. Sometimes, it becomes a bit difficult to identify the trace colors that appear in gray. In such cases, you can ask any professional paint contractors in Venice, FL to guide your selection of companion colors.