When it comes to choosing a paint color for the interior or exterior of your home, gray may not come to mind. However, if you ask any lifestyle expert or home decorator, they would surely2016 paint color trends name gray as a possible color choice. Gray is becoming the hottest trend in the painting industry and it is seemingly here to stay.

A Brief History:

Gray first received the limelight when celebrity interior designers wrote about gray in some of the best magazines.  According to the colorists, gray can be inspiring, calming, and sophisticated. These publications about gray began to change the thinking of general homeowners as well as the professional painters’ community.

Gray is the Latest Trend:

Although white is still considered the best selling color for both interior and exterior painting categories and home furnishing – gray is catching up. There are some specific reasons why gray is the recent trend; gray is the best color for things that are easy to change, for example wall colors and throw pillows. Homeowners are choosing gray for things they expect to be using for years, including kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures.

Gray Compliments Other Paint Colors:

Another important reason why gray is so popular is because it matches any mood or weather condition. You often associate a room painted in gray with bad weather, somber moods, and illness. Aside from this, gray also encompasses everything from a path of silver to a deep black charcoal. Gray actually acts as the neutral color since it complement any neutral color. It also matches easily with any style of home décor. According to the professional painters in Punta Gorda FL, gray plays well with every other color and can be a good choice for the interior of your home.

Although most people think gray is a 50-50 mix of black and white, color experts say that gray is actually a mix of other colors that actually provide it with a chameleon like quality. When you apply gray on the interior surfaces of your home, it can complement the colors of the furniture in the room. With gray, you don’t really have to worry about redecorating when you change furniture and other decor items in your room.