The idea of painting the interior of your home can be daunting.  It is a huge decision to make and not an easy one at that.  There are so many different colors to choose from it can become quite a headache, especially if you don’t know where to start.  The general expert advise is “stick with neutral tones” therefore leaving you open to decorate your room as you feel while still leaving a cohesive feel to your entire interior space, but this is not always the best advise to follow.  Today, people are looking to express themselves more in their home rather than have a cookie cutter feel to their interior.  Be adventurous – choose color!!

popular interior paint colors Following is a very prominent interior color scheme that can actually make you smile. Pay attention!

Add a Personal Touch to Your Interior:

Choose a color based on your own personality. This is the best way to add a personal touch to your living space. Are you a dreamer, a thinker, or is your energy more flamboyant? If you are energetic, choose red since it is a more vibrant, stimulating, and powerful color. You can choose pink if you are a little romantic.  Maybe a soft blue if you are a calm, relaxed person. Consider whether your personal preference leans more toward the latest and trendy or the classic paint color schemes. In order to express yourself, you need to choose a paint color that truly reflects your inner-self.

Keep the Lighting of Your Room in Mind:

Lighting can drastically affect the paint color of a room. Similarly, your mood can be affected by a room if it is too dark or too light. Depending on the light of your room, you can consider applying warmer or cooler shades to adjust the lighting effect. You can even make a small room look larger by combining the paint color and the lighting.  Contact a local Venice Painting Company for more information.

Be Consistent With Your Paint Color:

You need to maintain a consistency when applying paint color to a room. A consistent paint color throughout the room makes you more harmonious and happy. However, you don’t need to paint all of the room the same color. What you can do is to choose a couple of basic colors and use them in different combinations as well as different shades.

Go Neutral:

As mentioned earlier, going neutral with paint color is the oldest trend, but it still works. Neutral colors, like white or beige, imply purity and simplicity. White also works with any other color and can create a clean and sterile impression. People often choose white or beige as a paint color since it makes a smaller room seem larger. If you face any confusion in choosing paint color for the interior of your home, you can consider hiring a professional interior painting Venice Fl agency.