Decorating your old, or outdated, home is no longer a challenge.  Today there are so many design ideas in the “decor marketplace” that designers are seeing a rise in clients who know what they want and how to implement it in their space with little or no help from the professionals. relaxing paint colors

Many new and innovative design concepts include yoga or prayer rooms with soft lights and calming paint colors. If you want to set aside the busy life-style and round-the-clock technology, calming colors are ideal for you. In fact, calming and soothing colors are the hottest trend in 2016.

According to the home design experts, people are getting disturbed with the daily bombardment of technology and social media during this ultra-modern age. Therefore, there is an urge to reduce the energy level and enjoy a calming color scheme at home.

Calming Colors Bring A Sense of Peace and Tranquility:

As far as the soothing colors are concerned, a variety of hues are in the modern trend. For example, cooler colors like softer shades of blue, gray, green, and violet are widely popular nowadays. Some homeowners are also choosing Tuscan and Mediterranean palettes that combine soft pale gray, sage green, and tan.

Yoga rooms are also very popular and homeowners especially desire peaceful shades when decorating these spaces. For example, homeowners often like to paint the ceiling of rooms with colors that resemble the sky like white, puffy clouds or soft, soothing blues.

Softer Shades Make a Small Room Feel Bigger:

Another reason why homeowners are choosing calming paint colors is because light, soothing shades actually make a small room feel bigger. On the other hand, deep, saturated colors like red or chocolate browns are likely to make a room feel small and cozy. Light color affects how the room feels to its occupants and is ideal for making a room feel airy and more open. In fact, there are certain soothing shades that have the ability to make the room feel calm and relaxing as well.

As more and more paint companies offer high-quality calming paint colors, the options are literally endless when it comes to choosing paint colors. The color forecasts for the year 2016 have taken notice of the growing desire for soothing colors in home décor. These soothing paint colors are produced after studying the latest trends in fashion, art, and literature and are a great choice to use in designing a calm, relaxing space in your home.