The quality and make of the paint you choose for the exterior of your house is always critical. When it comes to painting your home’s exterior, the most important factor is surface preparation. However, choosing the paint brand is also important. Most professional painters in the Venice, FL area tips and tricks for painting a home's exteriorprefer Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore for exterior painting, while others prefer Behr, Glidden, or any of the other various international or regional brands. Fortunately, almost all paint manufacturers produce both high and low quality paint.

Although brand choice depend on personal preference, some of the paint brands are considered to be consistently top performing brands. Typically, most reputed painting contractors choose the brand for exterior painting in Venice, FL based on their experience. Over the years of repeated use and trial and error process, they have found that some high performing paint brands hold better in the unique climate conditions in Venice, FL region.


Sherwin-Williams paint brand is always rated high. Apart from Sherwin-Williams, this company is also known for manufacturing different brand names like Dutch Boy, Pratt and Lambert, Thomson’s Water Seal, and many others. As mentioned earlier, these brands always rate high in tests and are highly recommended by professional painters for exterior painting in Venice FL. Sherwin-Williams is considered the best paint brand for exterior use because of it’s versatility. This brand is available in flat, satin, and gloss finishes and the finish is guaranteed for as long as you own the house. According to the manufacturer, Sherwin-Williams is self-priming and it only requires one coat.

Benjamin Moore:

Benjamin Moore is another giant name in the painting industry. The premium formulation of this paint brand has different names for each of its three luster levels. The soft gloss finish is known as Benjamin Moore Mongol, the flat paint is known as Moor Life, and the latex luster house paint is known as Mortared Acrylic. Benjamin Moore carries a lifetime warranty and is the best choice for sunny weather conditions.