Interior Repainting Before diving into the details, it’s worth reminding homeowners that winter and fall are the best seasons in the year to have interior painting done. This time of the year is when most painting contractors are restricted from painting exteriors or decks. Dew causes moisture in the home and it’s impossible to paint the exterior when it’s wet. Professional painters recommend that your home is bone dry so the paint will properly adhere to the exterior walls. You could call it a painter ‘exterior hibernation.’



Schedule an Early Consultation with a Venice, FL Professional Painter

An early consultation means you will be able to get on their schedule in advance. The process of planning a paint job includes agreement on a price and the homeowner will know exactly when the work will start. This gives the homeowner plenty of time to prepare their home for the painting project.

Select Paint Finishes and Colors Beforehand

This may sound a little strange to some, but many homeowners choose the home’s color palette last minute. Selecting paint colors and finishes before the project starts is an easier, fun way to help increase chances of a successful painting project. If you feel that your eye for color isn’t that great, work with a professional painter and they can help choose the best colors for your interior. Painting contractors will know exactly how much paint is required to complete the job.

Move Furniture to Another Part of the House

There is furniture that can easily be moved and there are other pieces of furniture that can give you quite a problem to move. When having your walls, trim, and ceilings painted, any furniture that could not be moved should be covered. It’s easy to scrape dried paint off a window but to drop paint on a valuable family heirloom is enough for one to get severely irate.

Clean as Needed

Depending which room is being painted, it’s highly recommended to wash and scrub some parts of the house thoroughly. Typically, kitchen walls are subject to caked-on food and grease stains that have accumulated over time. You may not be able to see these splashes of oils or food but it’s still a good idea to clean the walls thoroughly.  When all grease or food stains are removed, this helps the new coat of paint to take when the project starts.

Bathrooms are also known to be subject to levels of dampness and even mold. Yes, you could paint over it and some do-it-yourselfers are tempted to do so, but the best advice is to scrub the walls before painting starts in the bathroom. Keep in mind, bathrooms should also be fully dried. Any moisture under the new coat of paint can compromise the quality of the painting project.

Choose a Day That Best Fits Your Family’s Schedule

Even though it may be convenient for your painting contractor to paint during the wintertime, this is a time when your family is indoors the most. Winter isn’t the time of the year that you can send your kids outside to play all day. It’s a good idea to consider a mid-winter break for you and your family or possibly find someone to babysit after school until the project is finished.


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