Getting ready to start that big project? Well, this Venice, Florida painter is here to give you some advice on where to start your project and get the best primer base possible.


Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself when you start your project.

  1. What is my main issue that I am trying to cover when I paint this room?
  2. Do I have a stains and watermarks to cover or do I have chalky, peeling, and cracking paint to cover.

The answer to these questions is going to give you what type of primer you need to use.


There are many different types of primers, but the two we will talk about today are bonding primer and stain blocking primer. These are two very different primers that can solve some very difficult problems in whatever room you are trying to paint.


The right primer can make your project much easier and can also make it go much more quickly. Choosing the right primer is like choosing the right car. If you need to haul stuff, you don’t want to buy a sports car. If you want to go fast and look suave and sophisticated, don’t buy a pick-up truck. So, make sure you are getting the right one. Don’t make the mistake of spending lots of money on a primer when you don’t know what job it is right for.

Bonding primer is the optimal choice for chalky, peeling, or cracked paint. Also the choice for hard to stick to surfaces like:  lawn furniture, metal window frames, PVC, vinyl, plastic, glass, tile, glazed block, glossy paints, pre-coated siding, fiberglass, and galvanized metals, just to list a few. 🙂


The resins in the bonding primer will mix with the top coat to seal the paint and bind the cracks in the existing walls. The primer smoothly joins the topcoat and the existing wall together to form a flawlessly beautiful finish that will age well and not peel or crack again.stix primer


Burnett Painting’s choice for the best bonding primer is STIX. It sells for about $60 a gallon and you can trust it will hold.


Stain blocking primer forms a sealant type barrier between the old wall that has stains such as smoke, water, grease, and etc. and the new topcoat paint color. It is also great for sealing redwood, and cedar bleed.


This type of sealer keeps the old stains from seeping through the new color and giving you the same issues all over again. The price of the sealer will save you from having to put coats and coats of paint on your project to cover these stains. It will also keep many odors out as well as it forms a strong sealant barrier between the coats. Many of these also contain water sealants as well.

zinsser cover stainBurnett Painting’s choice for best stain blocking primer is Zinzer Cover Stain. It sells for about $22.00 a gallon and you can prime, sand, and top coat in one day!


Painting is a big project but knowledge is power. Let the information from the Venice Florida painter save you both time and money by using the right product for the right job. Years of experience in painting has allowed him to master the art of painting and repainting. The reward is the smile on people’s faces when the old worn out paint is replaced by a new and vibrant room. Seize every opportunity to learn and enjoy the benefits!