Cookie cutter neighborhoods are found throughout many gated communities, not only in Venice, Florida but in Siesta Key, Nokomis, Englewood and many others. If you don’t want your home to look like every other home on the block, you can do something about it by hiring a Florida painter to add some new aesthetics to your home.


You may not have much choice about the features of your home. Whether you have pillars, a front porch, a side facing garage or some other feature, a Venice painter can show you how a fresh coat of paint in a new, attractive color can bring out the best of your home and compliment the neighborhood. Exterior painting in Venice, Florida gives you the opportunity to highlight your favorite features so that it stands out from the other homes on the block.


One of the most common features with many homes in the gated communities is that they use the same basic painting patterns. This means that the trim is either a darker color than the home or a shade or two lighter. Try adding a pattern to the trim, such as faux. There are other options that are available to you and a Florida painter can show you what those options are. You can always go darker, lighter or even go with a complementary color to really add spice to the exterior or your home.


Burnett Painting helps homes stand out above the rest

Your home can stand out with a new coat of paint!

When you opt to improve the look of your home with exterior painting, Venice, Florida homes can start to have their own character. Take a look at your front door and garage. Are they the same color or different colors than the other homes on your block? If they’re the same color, this is the way that you can stand out. There are some neighborhoods around the world that are characterized by the shade of their front door. You can help people find you by giving them the color of your door along with your address.


Another way that a painter in Venice, Florida can enhance the look of your home is by helping you choose different colors than what is found throughout the neighborhood. One of the main reasons that your house looks like everyone else’s is probably because there was only one or two builders in the community that you live in. They use a very limited palette of colors. If you want something different, a Venice painter can show you an entire spectrum to choose from that are still approved colors by the community.


Finally, when you want your house to look unique, you need to think about the features that you love most about the house and make sure that those stand out the most. A quality painter in Venice, Florida can help you achieve that. All you need to do is make an appointment and talk about how you want to improve the visual aspects of your home. A professional painter can help your home stand out, in a good way!