You’ve probably walked through someone’s home and cringed when you’ve looked at a wall they’ve painted. Most likely it’s because they didn’t prep the wall properly to accept the paint. Prepping the interior of the home is just as important as prepping the exterior. If you want your home to look stunning, you need to ensure that you hire a Venice, Florida painter that understands how to paint indoors.


Not every Florida painter out there knows the demands of interior painting. Some are used to painting outdoors where there aren’t as many things to be taped off and considered. This is not the type of painter you want to hire.

Proper painting preparation-an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Proper painting preparation-an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Look at the wall you want to paint. Chances are, it’s not a completely blank canvas. First, electrical outlets and light switches need to be attended to. The faceplates need to be removed. The wires then need to be taped over to ensure they are not damaged or painted during the painting process.


If you were to leave the faceplates on, paint is going to get on them. Then you’re going to do the same thing you’ve done inside other people’s homes…cringe. This is not a feeling you want when you’re in your own home. Taking a few minutes to prep the wall can mean better results.


Painter’s tape is a painter’s best friend. This will ensure you don’t paint areas that shouldn’t be painted. This includes the crown molding at the top, the baseboard at the bottom and even the ceiling line. Venice painting should be all about clean lines. If the right prep isn’t being done, you will end up with sloppy lines and paint everywhere.


The wall may need a little work, too. Paint is liquid, therefore it’s not going to be the fix-all for problems on the wall. If there are little holes in the wall because of nails, they need to be patched first. Otherwise they will still be there after the wall is painted. If additional drywall repairs need to be done, a Venice painter may call in a contractor to assist, too.


Some colors may not be able to be painted directly on the wall without some additional prep. You may need to add a primer to the wall first. If you hire a professional painter, they will be able to know which colors need primers and which ones don’t. They will also provide you with the number of coats necessary to get the true color you want.


Prepping the interior of your home before painting is critical. A professional painter in Venice, Florida can help you take care of all preparations so you don’t have to do anything. You can have as little involvement as you want. All you really have to do is choose the color paint, what wall you want it to go on and sit back and wait for your walls to change the look and feel of your home.