save money with Burnett PaintingWe all want to save money and know we are getting a great deal. It can be very tempting to hire any Venice painter even if they aren’t a professional with a license and insurance, just to save some money here and there on your home improvement projects. The problem is that every Florida painter is not the same and when you want your home to look professional, you really need to hire a professional so that your home doesn’t suffer and, ultimately, your pocketbook, too.


Exterior painting in Venice, Florida can be a nightmare. The hot sun beats down on the house day in and day out throughout every day of the year. Because of the Florida weather, the paint doesn’t last as long as other states. When you hire a professional painter, Venice, Florida homes usually get better treatment because the painter knows what paints to use, what primer, and how to apply it to get the most out of the paint.


If the Florida painter is new to the area or is just a kid looking to make a little extra cash, it can look like a great bargain! They may choose the most inexpensive paint that simply says that it’s used for exterior applications. What this could mean is that you will end up with peeling, fading or cracking within a year or two because it’s not the best paint to face the strong temperatures of the Florida sun. Perhaps you don’t mind painting your home more often if the price is right. However, you will see, the math just doesn’t work out to your favor. Also, as people pass by, your home will look like it is in need of paint more often.


A quality exterior painting in Venice, Florida can last you as long as nine years. This means that you get an actual warranty on the workmanship and a signed warranty by the paint manufacturer to say that the paint on your home will last a total of nine years before you have to think about having it painted again. When there’s a warranty like that out on the market, paying for a professional Florida painter really is worth it.


You should never waste your money on a Florida painter that isn’t professionally licensed and insured. It can seem to save you some money initially. What happens if there is an accident on your property and the painter is not licensed or insured? If it is an injury on your property, you could be looking at paying very expensive medical bills that could go on for years. If there is an accident done to the property, that money will also be out of your pocket. It just isn’t worth the risk.



Another thing to consider when you want exterior painting in Venice, Florida, is the construction of your home. In more cases than not, you’ve got stucco on the outside of your home. Stucco is one of the hardest things to paint because of the various textures and the way it can drink up paint, if not sealed or has not been painted in decades. A professional Venice painter is going to know how to get the right coverage so that you don’t see different shades or missing spots on the side of your home.


Whether you live in Venice, Sarasota, Boca Grande, Punta Gorda, or anywhere in between, your home can be beautiful. Gated community or not, you spent good money on your home and that means you need to protect that investment with a professional-licensed and insured-painter. Venice, Florida homes can look stunning when painted correctly. When they’re not painted correctly, they can look much older than they really are and really lose their beauty. Professional painters are worth the money and your home is worth seeing its true beauty.