Hiring a Sarasota painter doesn’t have to take long. Before you hire a painter that has issued you a quote, there are several things you want to ask about: warranties, insurance, and cost, of course. However, you also want to find out if they use a brush and roller on the outside of your home. The later is what we’ll explore today.

There are basically two ways to paint the exterior of a home. There’s the paint sprayer and the traditional brush and roller. A paint sprayer does have its place, but when it comes to stucco, you need to ensure your Sarasota painter is using a brush and roller to get the maximum coverage on your home.


This cat knows the only way to paint stucco is with a brush and roller...though there are many other useful inventions of the roller....

This cat knows the only way to paint stucco is with a brush and roller...though there are many other useful inventions of the roller....

A paint sprayer doesn’t always coat evenly. This means that you may end up with two different shades on the side of your home because of inconsistencies in coverage. Then there is the issue of paint running if applied with a sprayer. This is not acceptable. When a brush and roller is used, the painter is in more control of the paint and, therefore, you will get a much more fluid look throughout the exterior of your home.

You also need to consider the stucco itself. Some stucco is relatively flat while others are more 3-dimensional. When you are hiring a Sarasota painter, you want to ensure they are using a brush and roller because it will get into the nooks and crannies of the stucco more effectively. Particularly when you are changing the color of your home, a brush and roller will ensure that the old color is completely covered up.

A paint sprayer will only cover the surface. With stucco, however, there are sides and other aspects to consider as well. If you had a green home and now you are going for beige, you may see some green if you get up close enough because a paint sprayer was unable to apply paint to the underside of the stucco along the wall. A paint brush and roller are designed to cover it all. They work wonderfully!

As you interview Florida painters, take a moment to find out how they plan on painting your home. If you want to make sure you get the stunning results you are looking for, make sure that the Sarasota painter you hire plans on bringing a roller and brush to the job, not a sprayer. Of course, there are times when a sprayer does work best, and any professional painter will be happy to inform you of this during a free estimate.

Exterior painters in Sarasota, Florida have options in terms of what they will use to paint your home. When you have a stucco home, however, only a brush and roller are the best.