Fall is fast approaching and, for many of us, we will breathe a heavy sigh of relief when the humidity leaves in mid-October, if as predicted. So, what is trendy in home paint colors? Check out these two versions of one room and you be the judge!

Benjamin Moore Paint Trend Called Sense and Sensibility (Pictures)

Benjamin Moore Paint Trend Called Sense and Sensibility (Pictures)

I (April) watched this video on two different versions of the same living room space and I found myself saying, “That is definitely me!” (Hint: my favorite word, item, and color is PUMPKIN) So, let us know which room is definitely you! Feel free to guess which style I fell in love with, too!

Benjamin Moore Sense and Sensability Video

Where to watch video...

Want to hear from the style experts? Watch the video by clicking this picture and looking for the blue circled video. Listen as she walks us through her color selections.


Want more? That’s GREAT!

Did you know you can even design your own color schemes using pictures of your own home? Using their paint color visualizer online lets you see what your project will look like before you even hire a painting company! Try it out and send us your favorites and we’ll post them online! (send to [email protected])

Happy visualizing!