As we all know from experience, a room can take a drastic change in feeling and tone with simply changing the colors. For example, think back to the last time you had a room painted in your home. Remember how fresh and new it felt? What feelings did the color before bring compared to the new coat of paint? Fresh and cool? Warm and cozy?

Last week we looked at one of four color schemes that make up 2012 color trends of the year: Sense and Sensibility by Benjamin Moore. This week we are looking at another of the 2012 color trends by Benjamin Moore: Earth and Sky. What feelings or tones come to mind when you see these colors together?

I really enjoy the way they have taken one room and transformed it in two different ways using all the same colors, but in different ways to show us how we can get two completely different feelings from the room by changing its colors. Check out these two transformations and vote for your favorite transformation (1 or 2) in the comments section below!

Earth and Sky- Benjamin Moore Color Trends of 2012

View 2

 Earth and Sky View 2 Paint Colors

Another View

 Now, think about your work space. What color would make you feel fired up for work or excited to work on that long project? Do you have an office at home? What colors might make you feel so relaxed, you could fall asleep? Those would not work for an office, but would be great for a bedroom or a guest bedroom.

Our environment does have an effect on us; let’s make it the most effective for what the space is intended for! Where would you like to use this 2012 Benjamin Moore Color Trend of the Year? We’d love to hear from you!