There are two ways to skin a cat…aka paint your bedroom! It’s sometimes hard for me to see what different colors would look like before I actually get the paint on the walls. That’s why I am so THRILLED to see what Benjamin Moore has done with their 2012 Color Trends of the Year! They show us two different versions of the same exact room using the same colors, but in different ways. Intrigued? Let’s look! The last two weeks we looked at Sense and Sensibility trend and Earth and Sky trend. Today, let’s explore their 3rd trend for 2012: Eclectic Elegance!

Benjamin Moore 2012 Color Trends of the Year- Eclectic Elegance












A different birds view:

Eclectic Elegance View 2- Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2012

Do you have a favorite so far? Version 1 or 2? Tell us! We’d love to hear from you!


Eclectic Elegance View 3- 2012 Color Trends of the Year by Benjamin Moore