You are ready to paint your home, great! Now, where do you look to get your three estimates and who do you hire? Three estimates are what we suggest when looking for a painting contractor for any repainting work, interior or exterior. Then, what? Who do you go with? We suggest looking at the Venice Area Chamber of Commerce for a painting company that has won business of the month!

hire a painting contractor who has won VACC Business of the MonthWe are so excited and honored to have received the Business of the Month from our Venice Area Chamber of Commerce for the month of February! Thank you, to whomever nominated us!

We take pride in our work and so do our employees! We are a team and that is what makes us great! With our team members creating remarkable painting experiences for our clients, our company can excell! We are so proud of them! From the foundation up, we are committed to providing excellent service, a remarkable experience, and creating raving fans out of each and every client!

Thank you, Venice! We look forward to doing business for our great community and surrounding areas!

– Steve and April Burnett