paint-cansPainting is one of the most visually rewarding remodeling projects you can do in your home.  A few hours with a quality brush, a roll of painter’s tape and a fresh can filled with an exciting new color can completely transform an area of your home.  Painting is also one area of home improvement that many homeowners feel comfortable tackling without incurring too great of an expense.

If you do decide to repaint your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom it is usually the time after the project has been completed that can cause a bit of confusion.  While most people are comfortable with the set up and the process of painting, few people know what to do with the leftover paint once the project is complete.

Types of Paint

The type of paint you used for your home improvement project is a big factor in how you approach recycling or disposing of the left over paint.  While latex and water based paints can have a multitude of different disposal and recycling options dependent upon the township you live in, oil based paints are considered hazardous household waste.

Options for Disposal – Oil Based Paints

When it comes to oil based paints your options will likely be limited.  In most cases you’ll need to take left over oil based paints directly to a facility that recycles hazardous household wastes.  Some neighborhoods will also hold annual or semi-annual events for HHW drop off to make things easier for residents.

Checking your local newspaper or visiting your township website can often point you in the right direction for getting rid of your oil based paint and other hazardous household materials.  This same modest amount of research could also point you in the direction of local non-profit organizations who may accept paint that is still usable for local rehab projects.

Options for Disposal – Latex and Water Based Paints

Latex and oil based paints can be taken directly to recycling facilities and community collection events as well, but those usually aren’t your only options.  In some areas latex and water based paints can be picked up for recycling right at your home after you’ve opened the can and allowed the paint inside to fully dry.

Other neighborhoods allow residents to put open, completely dried latex and water based paint in with regular trash (although this isn’t the best option for keeping excess waist out of landfills).  A quick phone call to the township waste disposal department will likely provide you with a number of different options for getting rid of the leftover paint and paint cans from your latest home renovation project.

Open and partially used paint cans don’t need to clutter up your basement or garage.  If you’ve got a stash of different types and colors of paint, take the time to go through it so you can determine your best course of action.  Any paint that is still within the “best by” date or that is still usable can be donated to a non-profit to make a difference in your community and those that are unusable can likely be taken care of following a simple call to your township.

If you live in Venice, FL you can click here for local hazardous waste disposal drop off locations.