Your home’s exterior surfaces need just about as much attention as your interior surfaces do.  It seems a lot easier (and cheaper) to change the inside than the outside, which could be looking a little worn out.  Fortunately, there are some budget-friendly  revive your tired outdoor spacesimprovements that can help exterior spaces look new and enticing again. For example, a gallon of exterior paint costs about $45.00, which is a small price to pay to transform the look of your tired lanai.

Painting the Wall:

You can brighten up exterior walls with stunning colors without breaking the bank. Paint color can dramatically change the entire atmosphere and dynamic of your shabby outdoor space in no time. Paint can make a stunning background to highlight special plants you have in your garden or special art you have in your lanai. A fresh splash of color will bring weathered concrete surfaces back to life and adding creative lighting will also help revive the look. To get fresh with your exterior space, call a professional Wall Painting Nokomis FL contractor.

Staining the Fences:

Your home’s wood fence gets damaged by scorching sunlight, extreme moisture, and other destructive elements. A professional stain job helps create a protective layer that keeps your wood fence looking stunning over the years. Fence stains can be categorized as transparent, semi-transparent, and solid depending on the pigment in the solution. No matter which type of stain you choose, you need to apply it correctly so that the stain job lasts as long as possible.  Maintaining the fence will add a nice pop to your home’s exterior space.

Repair Old Concrete:

Older homes often have lanai’s that are made up of concrete slabs. This type of old concrete slab often has a shabby appearance due to cracking and other damages. Renewing an old concrete surface is a great way to give the outdoor space a cosmetic face-lift. By filling in the cracks, repairing minor damage and sealing the concrete before choosing just the right color you can brighten up your exterior relatively quickly and cost effectively.