One of the most difficult decisions to make when it comes to repainting your home is what color to paint the walls. With thousands of paint colors around, it is really tough for an individual to choose one particular color.  Even if you give one hundred percent of your attention to choosing the perfect color, you’ll probably still be holding your breath until the job is complete. There are lots of stories involving people who have painted their room a couple of times since fail-proof colors for your roomthe color they had selected never seemed right. To eliminate the stress of choosing the right, fail-proof color for you, you should consider these tips on paint picking.

Consider the Lighting:

If you want to choose the paint color based solely on lighting, there is a good chance that you will make a mistake in choosing the right color. If you want to truly know how the color will look on your walls, you must try it out. Remember, the color changes in the morning, afternoon, and at night. You should bring the paint chip home and check how it looks under the lights available in your space. Even the types of lights you use in your home can significantly change the look of the paint color.

Consider the Accent:

If you want to pick a wall color to use as a backdrop for accessories and furniture, try a modern, neutral color. For example, if you have bright accessories you can use shades of gray; it goes well with so many different colors. You can also paint your mantle a different color than the trim, this will help the fireplace to standout against neutral walls. You can even get painting ideas for your home from the professional designers. Bold designers typically suggest dark colors for painting indoors.

Keep the Center Piece of Your Room in Mind:

When choosing the fail-proof color for your room, you should keep the most important piece of your room in mind. Maybe it’s sofa cushions or a drapery fabric – you should find a color that matches everything. Once the paint color coordinates with the central theme, as well as the room’s lighting, you can go ahead with your painting project!