house and interior painting ideasDo you want to unleash your inner talent and paint upside down but lack the proper painting tools? Paint Handy is an anti-gravity paint tray that takes the trouble and stress out of painting. This is a unique tool that lets you keep paint in its place – not on your clothes or the floor! It’s an inventive anti-gravity, paint dispensing tool that can be held upside down without experiencing any unfortunate paint spills or splatters. Paint Handy includes brush, roller, foam brush, and the squeegee tool, which loads very quickly with just the right amount of paint.

By using this unique tool, you can complete the paint job and finish fine touch-ups without any hassle.

Mechanics Used in This Tool:

Paint Handy is a unique paint managing tool that is capable of holding up to twelve ounces of latex paint without spilling or dripping. This tool works great even when you hold it upside down or drop it from atop a ladder. The Paint Handy tool is built with a special fabric liner that is placed inside a disc-shaped plastic tray. The liner soaks up the paint like a sponge so that it won’t spill out.

When the paint brush is dipped into the liner, the paint is transferred to the bristles. You can also use the Paint Handy tool with a mini-roller that gives it a single roll forward and back to transfer the paint. The adjustable strap used in this tool easily fits any hand size is such a way that even a child can handle it.

Why is This Special?

The Paint Handy tool has a unique high quality fabric that is capable of holding paint – even when you turn the tray upside down! By using the Paint Handy tool you can avoid any potential drips or spills. The main thing you need to do is to hold the high quality tray in your hand like a palette that’s easy to bring around the room and up or down a ladder.

The Paint Handy tool also eliminates the additional need of carrying the paint-can everywhere. The tool itself can hold up to 12 ounces of latex paint. It can even hold different colors without them mixing together. During a painting project, the paint loads onto the brushes and rollers very quickly and evenly.

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