In the past, most home owners painted their walls white. Only rich people had color in their rooms since colored paint was very expensive. Today, colored paint is accessible to everyone and bold colors can really make a room come alive.paint your room with bold colors However, bold colors can be a bit tricky to use successfully. But don’t avoid them, just use them carefully!

The chief purpose of using bold colors is to give your space a new look. Although it is practical to decorate your home with neutral colors and muted earth tones, know that you can add spice with seasonal accent pieces, turning away from the neutral palette will help to add spirit to a room and give things their own personality.

Pick Red as the Wild Shade:

You can use deep red on your walls to do more than just add color. Red is considered bold and can create a unique, calming temperament. It also provides a feeling of being encompassed by the room and sets neutral furniture off. When you are considering red for your interior walls, choose another lighter or less saturated shade to use on your wall as well. As a result, the wild red will still end up getting the effect, but without the color becoming too saturated to live with.

Use a Guideline When Working with Bold Yellow:

The most important trick to working with bold yellow is to select upholstery and accessories to match the walls. For the best result, use a painting or floral design that combines different bold colors and use the same idea as a guideline. There is more than one way to incorporate bold yellow without having to commit to a wall color. For example, you can paint an old media cabinet in yellow to make it a bright and vivid conversation piece.

Using Stimulating Colors:

You should understand that not all bold colors are stimulating. You can use forest-green walls that blend beautifully with wooden furniture and the contrasting colors are comfortable since they are abundantly found in nature. A dark and bold color will actually make the room larger rather than bringing the walls in.

When you are confused about a color, don’t limit yourself to small color chips. What you can do is paint big sheets of cardboard and prop them up in the room. This will give you a better understanding of what it is going to look like.