house and interior painting ideasYou love color and respect its power. However, you worry that you might ruin the entire painting project if you fail to choose the perfect paint color. There are people who have a rough idea about which paint color they should choose but still they struggle with selecting the exact hue. Others are just scared to decide a particular color since they are not sure what works the best with their space.

The best thing you can do to choose the right paint color is to ask the professionals for some ideas. There are some shades that translate perfectly to walls. The following are some of the most beautiful paint colors that professionals love.

Blue for the Bedroom:

One of the most beautiful colors professionals love for bedrooms is a soft blue shade with a subtle touch of red or amber. Blue is the most calming, and therefore, most logical choice because it offers relaxation. When selecting blue from paint chips, you should pick one lighter and one darker than your selection to try at home. Remember, colors may look brighter on the walls that they do on a tiny chip and the lighting in your bedroom can change the color slightly.

Green in the Kitchen:

Most professionals will also suggest a good shade of green in the kitchen. Green can be perfectly paired with white cabinets and it does a great job of adding warmth. You can use green as an accent to bring some freshness to your kitchen. When paired with red, amber, or earthy brown, green looks absolutely great on kitchen walls for a natural feel.

Red for the Interior Walls:

Red is another important color that professional painting contractors prefer to use. When choosing red, you should go with a pure, fire engine red. You can also make your walls look bright by pairing red with blue or brown as accents. Red is one of the warmest colors and it also works well with other neutrals and bright colors like yellow or blue. Red is popular since it helps add balance to your living space.

Yellow is One of the Trickiest Colors:

When it comes to choosing from a handful of house & interior painting ideas, most people choose yellow since this shade is just right. A great tip for picking yellow from a paint store is to select something that looks almost beige. Yellow always looks brighter on walls than on a paint chip. Yellow is bright and positive and it offers a concentration of happiness as well.