There are many people who wonder whether it is possible to paint concrete foundation or the stucco of the home. Concrete surfaces are more porous, expand, and transfer a lot of moisture, which differentiates them from wood or drywall. As a result, it is little difficult to paint concrete walls but it’s not impossible. It is possible to paint house foundation, basement walls, exterior stucco, and even concrete floors.

Pain Exterior Concrete surface

When you are deciding to paint the concrete surfaces of your home’s exterior, you need to remember that each concrete surface of your home is unique. You may need to trim the grass, as well as, line the ground around the concrete surfaces by using a drop cloth. This would protect the concrete surface from picking up various particles.

Surface Preparation:

Just like any other painting project, the quality of surface preparation is the most important thing in determining the success and lifespan of exterior concrete paint job. Before you start painting the exterior concrete walls, you need to clean the surface and make sure that no dirt, algae, mold, or mildew are there on the concrete walls/surface. You can accomplish this by power washing. Furthermore, if the exterior concrete surfaces have cracks you need to repair them first.

Painting Concrete Walls:

Once you completely clean the concrete surface, allow it to dry. Remember, you should not apply paint on your concrete surface until it dries completely. The surface may take some time to dry, depending on the weather conditions and the location of the surface.

Use Concrete Primer:

It is not necessary to use sealer when painting your concrete surfaces, however, you must use a concrete primer that is good for filling the pores as well as evening the surface. The concrete dries after a couple of hours but you should wait 7-8 hours before applying paint on the concrete surfaces to be safe.

It is also important to use special paint that is formulated specially for using on concrete surfaces. This type of paint is denser than normal paint.