Concrete is considered to be the most popular building material since it is inexpensive and durable. However, a plain, dull, exterior concrete tends to be little boring to look at. An ideal solution to change the appearance of your old concrete wall is to paint it! All you need is to use some special Image result for painting concrete walls
supplies and techniques, which are listed below.

Check Concrete for Porosity:

Concrete actually offers a number of challenges in terms of adhesion and long-term durability. Porosity is one of the most important challenges that painters face when painting concrete walls.  You will need to check the concrete for porosity and moisture content by sprinkling a little water on the surface, if it soaks promptly chances are that the paint will adhere to the surfaces when the necessary surface preparation work is done. The concrete surface will need to be made smooth.

Use Duct Tape to Check the Concrete Moisture:

Concrete walls with excessive moisture are not conducive for paint adhesion. In order to check concrete for moisture, you can tape a square piece of aluminum foil to the surface and leave it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, remove the foil and check for condensation on the side that was facing the concrete. If you find that the foil is dry, you can start preparing the surface and painting the concrete. However, if there is still excessive moisture on the foil, the concrete painting project will not be successful without further preparations.

Etch Any Bare or Previously Uncoated Concrete:

You should etch any bare or previously uncoated concrete. Etching helps to impart some roughness and porosity to any bare concrete by using a muriatic acid solution and you will need to follow all label instructions about the product usage when etching.

Clean All Etching Residues:

Once etching is done, you need to clean the concrete surface to remove any etching residue. For example, released sand or lime may create problems when painting the concrete walls, so cleaning the etching residue ensures that you get the best paint job.