A home with designer items is a dream for every homeowner. Every designer has its own way to decorate a room. When you look at a nicely designed home, you can see many common pieces pop up here and there. In fact there are Black and White Color Combinationsome identical elements that are a must for a designer home. You need them not because they are unique, but because they are utterly classic and widely useful for your home as well.

Mentioned below are some of the top interior designer things that you should have in your home:

A Mid-Century Element:

According to interior designers, a perfect home should have at least one mid-century element. A mid-century designer piece is good for many reasons. Although they are not technically modern, a mid-century element will surely feel current and timeless in every home if utilized properly. For example: you can use mid-century chairs, tables, and traditional wooden furniture. The traditional designer elements will nicely complement the modern elements you have in your home. This would give a good new-old mix in your home.

Black and White Combination:

Usually people want to see the full spectrum of colors. However, if you want to give your home a new and authenticated look you can try using a combination of black and white on your home’s interior. Although white is often easy to add in your room, you need to take extra care when using black.  A black piece on a white wall will make the space look more sophisticated.

An Organized Bookshelf:

An organized bookshelf that complements the color of your home’s interior will always increase the beauty of your space. In fact, your home will not be complete without a properly designed and colored bookshelf. Actually, a bookshelf is more than just for books; you can store other favorite collections; for example: it could be a great place for your family photos.

Fresh Flowers:

According to the most reputed interior designers, an interior space is never truly finished unless you include some fresh flowers. A vase of fresh flowers in your room will not only increase the aesthetic of your home but will provide you with a sense of life and greenery!