Whether you have bought a new home or you just need to update your current home, the most dramatic and cost effective impact you can make is painting your walls.  Color can shape the space, set the tone, and can even alter your perception of a room’s size.

House Painting

Consider the following factors before you start to paint:

Time of Painting:

The weather will determine how well your space is ventilated while you paint and how fast your paint will dry while you are working. Consider choosing a cooler time of year such as spring or fall, this will allow windows to be open and airflow to be comfortable. The high humidity of summer as well as higher moisture contents in winter may delay dry time and thus project completion time. Most of the paints available today are water based products which under normal conditions dry to the touch within an hour or so. Some oil-base products are still popular and used on trim/woodwork, however, these products take much longer to dry and omit a harsh odor. The best way to get a good result in your interior painting project is to hire professional painters such as the best Sarasota, FL House Painting contractors.

The Space of Your Room:

When tackling an interior project, first consider how you will use the space and how you want to feel while using the space. The functionality of the room and the energy you want to exude will help determine the color palette you’ll end up using. Knowing the use for each area you want to paint will help you get started as you explore color options. For more painting and color ideas you can consider hiring a Wall Painting Nokomis, FL contractor.