When homeowners want to update the appearance of their brick home with a fresh coat of paint, it is really important to select the correct materials.  Brick was an extremely popular building method in the past, however, over time the brickwork and mortar of the home may start to fade.

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If you are considering painting the brick exterior of your home then there are few things you need to consider.

Check Out the Mortars:

Old mortars in your home are designed to breathe properly and they also allow moisture to move in and out of the bricks.  It is best to use latex based paint for your brick exterior, there are more modern paint coatings but these could seal moisture in the brick walls, resulting in issues such as paint bubbles, spalling, and failed or broken joints. When you paint your mortars you actually close the pores of the bricks preventing them from breathing. That is why before painting your old mortars, you need to verify that there are no hidden issues with the moisture related concerns.

Advanced Faux Brick Painting:

As an owner of an old brick house, you may want to maintain the historic feel of your home while repainting it with a fresh coat of paint. This actually requires professional painting contractors to use the artistic creativity with their exterior brick painting skills and match the natural stain patterns.

Sealing and Waterproofing Your Brick Walls:

It is vital to seal and waterproof before you apply paint. This helps you to protect your brick and mortar exterior from excessive moisture exposure. It will also help create a fresher/newer looking appearance.