There are an infinite number of color choices when it comes to painting. Painting the interior part of your house can be a fun project for some people, but could be a nightmare for others who are overwhelmed by so many color choices.  These quick tips could help you avoid the confusion when it comes time to choose the best color for your interior project.

Interior Project

Research and Get to Know the Colors:

A little bit of research on the best interior paint won’t take much of your time, but could be very effective in choosing the best color. You’ll need to study the standard color wheel and collect paint strips to aid you in making the decision. It is helpful to consider the intensity or brightness of a color and its range of hues from the lightest to the darkest.

Choose a Particular Color Scheme:

Once you decide to paint the interior of your house you will need to choose a color scheme. Four common color schemes are: neutral, complementary, monochromatic, and analogous. The neutral color scheme is composed of shades like beige, white, and earth tones. Complementary colors are made from the combination of a primary and secondary colors found on the color wheel’s opposite ends. Monochromatic color scheme uses variations of a single color which produces a clean, elegant, and soothing effect. An analogous color scheme is formed from a combination of warm and cool colors like yellow, orange, and violet.

Consider Your Home’s Interior Design:

Before choosing your color scheme, take a close look at the interior design elements of your home like flooring, counter tops, cabinets, furnishing, artwork, etc. The color you choose for painting should complement the entire interior design of your home. If you find yourself confused by this, you can contact a professional painting expert. A professional painting contractor like interior painting, FL, can help you choose the right color that matches your home’s design.

Choose Colors that Blend the Lighting of Your Home’s Interior:

Lighting is another important thing to consider while choosing the perfect color for your home’s interior. The color you choose may look different under natural and artificial light.  You can test your chosen color by hanging paint chips on the wall near windows and lights and seeing how it looks during different times of the day.  You can also do this by getting a small sample of your chosen color and painting a test area in your space.