Oh no, Rust!... What To Do Before Painting Over RustPainting almost any item, from furniture to walls and even metal objects, requires some pre-planning if you want the results to be what you were expecting them to be.  You need to make sure that the object you’re about to paint is ready for the paint job itself.  Whether you wish to paint a metal chair, a toolbox, or an outdoor shed, it is important to know what to do first before you start with the paint.  Depending on the item itself, pre-painting tasks need to be completed in the way that is recommended by professional painters.

Yes, You Can Paint Over Rust!

When you are getting ready to paint a metal object and it has rust on it, it is easy to assume that you cannot paint over it.  If you use the right tools and methods, the task is relatively simple and it usually involves less time and hard work than you might think.  The first step, naturally, is to clean the item as well as you can and this can be achieved by using a wire brush and cleaning the rust off as much as possible.  If the rust is “flaky,” brush off as many of the flakes as possible; otherwise, it may be difficult to get a smooth look in the end.  Once you scrape most or all the rust off the surface, take sandpaper to it in order to smooth it out and remove any remaining bits of flakiness. Finally, clean the entire item with a strong detergent, let it stand by itself and dry naturally.  With rare exceptions, the object is now ready to paint and once you determine which type of paint you wish to use, the rest is easy.

What Type of Paint Should You Use?

Many items respond well to spray paints after they have been cleaned thoroughly and properly to remove the rust.  You should always check the directions provided by the paint maker to determine whether you first need to apply a rust-blocking primer.  When spray painting, make sure that the coat is even and smooth so that the final look is also smooth.  If you like, you can apply two coats instead of just one, especially if you spray the first coat and it simply doesn’t look right to you. As long as the item is thoroughly brushed and cleaned to remove the rust, the spray paint should work.  Naturally, you can also paint by using a brush and regular paint because as long as the item is properly prepared first, your paint job should be successful.

Removing rust is easier than most people think and if you have an item that you wish to paint afterwards, the job can be easy as long as it is smooth and rust-free before you begin to paint.  You can get additional information by reading the instructions on the products you have chosen to use; naturally, it is important to follow these directions exactly as they are written.  Getting your item ready for it;s paint job is simple and the extra effort you use to do this will be well worth it in the end.