Now that you have finalized the stages of your exterior painting project, it’s time to finalize the necessary tools that will get your home exterior properly painted.  Maybe you are planning to replace and paint your trim or simply want to add a new splash of color to your windows and doors, whatever your agenda having the proper tools will get you off on the right foot.

exterior painting SarasotaMentioned below are some of the essential tools that you need:


Scrapers are used to remove loose and unwanted paint from (most often smooth) surfaces.  A wider scraper will accelerate the process overall, but a smaller scraper will also be necessary to work in the tighter and finer areas.


Sandpaper is necessary for smoothly feathering rough corners where you have removed the peeling paint, as well as creating a surface ready for adhesion. It’s really essential to have a variety of grits for different tasks, for example coarse grit sandpaper will speed up the work but you would want a finer grit for more detail oriented sanding.

Oil Based and/or Latex Primer for Exterior Painting:

This is the most important tool for painting bare surfaces. The correct primer actually helps to enhance the ability of the top coat of paint to adhere to the surface, resulting in a longer lasting and 100% durable finished project.  An experienced exterior painting Venice, FL, contractor can help you choose the best quality primer to fit your painting projects.

Sturdy Ladders:

There are two types of ladders that you can use: a stepladder and/or an extension ladder depending of the type of the exterior painting project.  You need to make sure that the ladders you choose are stable and in a good condition.

Paint Roller and Brushes:

Paint rollers are useful when painting smoother surface such as non-textured wood as well as textured surfaces like stucco. Rollers are also used when painting vinyl or aluminum siding and trim. Exterior paint brushes are used when applying paint to exterior surface including siding, doors, decks, and trim. A good quality paint brush is necessary to cut in along wall/roofline interfaces.

You can contact exterior painting Sarasota, FL, contractors in order to learn more about the exterior painting tools your project may require.