repainting home

Stunned by a beautiful home repaint in Southwest Florida lately? YES!

Have you ever been captivated by the beauty around you? Have you ever been so stunned by the display before you, that you just had to stop and admire? Many times as I drive around our beautiful country (whether here in paradise SW Florida or back in my home-town in Wisconsin), I am in awe    […]

What Sheen To Use When Repainting Home

When repainting your home, you’ll want to think about color, of course, but also the sheen of the paint. The sheen is just a fancy word for how glossy your paint will look once dried. Below is a screenshot off my iPhone using the awesome Benjamin Moore app (found on the here) discussing sheen:      […]

Pick a Color, Any Color…

Question: What color is this? Depending on the screen you are viewing this post from, your answer could be as numerous as the stars! From off white, to beige, to creamy white to yellow, possibly a shade of orange! You know where I’m going right? When choosing to repaint your home, the last thing you    […]

Do you have subcontractors or employees and what’s the difference?

You are going to hire a painting company. One question you may want to consider asking is this: do you have employees or subcontractors? First off, an employees works directly for the employer, has no database of customers their own, usually works full time for the company, and receives a W-2 at the end of    […]

Did You Make Any Painting New Year Resolutions?

2014 is well under way; did you make any new year resolutions? How are they coming along? Did you add any remodeling and painting or home decorating new years resolutions? There are generally 5 categories of resolutions: 1) health/fitness 2) relationship/family 3) business/career 4) spiritual/mental/emotional 5) home improvements Did you include a goal in each    […]

Exterior Paint: Painting With a Purpose

Steve and I were on the road and I said, “Ooo! Can we please stop and take a picture of these buildings? I’ve got to blog about them! They are so ugly!” (Note: opinions expressed what that of my own personal opinion.) Steve kindly turned around so I could stop and take photos. What you    […]