Question: What color is this? Dtips for choosing a paint colorepending on the screen you are viewing this post from, your answer could be as numerous as the stars! From off white, to beige, to creamy white to yellow, possibly a shade of orange!

You know where I’m going right? When choosing to repaint your home, the last thing you want to do is select a color, have your painting company order up 10 gallons of it, and then start applying it and hate the color because it is not at all what you thought it was! Even if it matches spot on from the tiny square sample, when the whole of your home is enveloped in this glowing yellow, you may not realize how much it was going to glow!

What can be done to prevent such a waste of money? Plenty!

First, go ahead and pick your favorite color chip from the paint store. Purchase a sample of the color in liquid paint form and head home! Look at the paint chip in direct-blazing-Florida sun, but also in the shade and on a cloud covered section. Apply the sample to your home and wait for direct sun to hit it, some shade, and a cloud, as well. Do you still like the color? Remember, computer screens and indoor lighting can be VERY mis-leading. Proof is in the pudding-paint! Apply a sample and happy color hunting!