You may have noticed some stop lights now have brilliant blue lights underneath them. What does this light mean? It is good to know, since it may save you a ticket and a hefty fine!

Burnett Painting Helps The Community Know about Blue LightsConsidering going through the yellow light? Be ware! The brilliant blue lights underneath red lights are indicators to the authorities – in all directions- that the light is now red. The cop may not see that the light turned red as that car drove right through, but now they will know, as the blue light is an indicator for them. Rest assured, the authorities are doing all they can to keep us safe from that car running red lights! We know you have never run a red light, tempting as it may be, but for those who are considering, I hope you  take the opportunity to sit at the red light and get free advertisement and marketing! (From your vehicle, of course, with your beautiful logo on it!