Steve and I were on the road and I said, “Ooo! Can we please stop and take a picture of these buildings? I’ve got to blog about them! They are so ugly!” (Note: opinions expressed what that of my own personal opinion.) Steve kindly turned around so I could stop and take photos.

What you see below are the buildings that caught my attention….and THAT is the point.

I thought to myself, “Wait a second…the colors did exactly what they were supposed to do! They captured my attention and got us to stop! The buildings, if I remember correctly are for a pest control company south of our county. How is it that I remembered that months later? (Yes, the blog I intended to write months ago, is coming to you today.)

It is because of the outrageous colors that captured our attention! Were the colors all wrong? Maybe if it were a house, but it was exactly as it was intended for this pest control and I say, “Kudos to you! Not to be confused with cooties,which I’m sure they can exterminate for you, but kudos!”

Take a look: what do you think? I think they hit the nail on the head or the paint on the wall! Their purpose was right on with the paint color choices!

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