Hello! This article is written by Steve’s wife today, me! (aka, April Burnett)

How cool is it to know that your painting contractor is involved in more than just his business? I am so proud of my husband for many reasons and this is definitely one of them.

On a warm, non-humid day in November this year, Steve and I trekked to West Palm Beach to gather with our friends and fellow Toastmasters for the Fall District 47 Conference. This conference is purposed to hold two contest during the weekend: an evaluation contest (who’s the best evaluator?) and a humorous contest (make me laugh or else, I call it.) 🙂

Typically, the evaluation contest is my least favorite being I like to laugh and this contest is very serious. However, little did they know (or did they?) that by asking Steve to be the Contest Master (basically the MC for the contest), they were in for a shake up!

Steve is constantly asking himself, “How can I make this funny? What can I do to make people laugh and smile?” I love that about him. I am currenly trying to ask myself this, especially when I am frustrated. 🙂 For Steve, is comes naturally after years of hard work. (Is that an oxy-moron?, No, it’s Toastmasters!)

It is my extreme pleasure to post this video for your viewing pleasure and to help fill your bucket of laughs, which may have been less than amply full, as many times they are! Enjoy!

Watch the video! Steve Burnett takes a very dry contest and makes us all laugh with his hilarious intro as Contest Master! Way to go, Steve! (First 2 minutes, hilarious and a blooper at 3 minutes!)